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Privacy Policy of the Learning Management System

In order for the Arellano Law Foundation and Arellano University School of Law to provide our products and services and fulfill our contractual obligation to you in this Learning Management System (LMS), we need to process a certain amount of data, some of which is personally identifiable. 

This Privacy Policy sets out the different kinds of personal data we process, how we collect it, what processing is carried out, to whom personal data is shared with, how long we keep the personal data and how we safeguard and protect your data and rights.


Information that we collect

The use of our Learning Management System (LMS) shall require the collection of the following personal data:

– Written records

– Photographs

– Video

– Digital material

– Website visitor data

– Learner users and Admin providers

The  School and Foundation may collect personal information from you through paper, document or online processing system. Some forms may require you to provide your name, academic background, e-mail address, contact details, photograph, proof of identity and in some instances your image and person may be captured and recorded through the CCTV, livestream, record sessions, or online recording functions of the accredited learning management system.

The forms, paper based or electronic or online submitted to us are necessary for us to verify if you are eligible for the program. This will also help us identify you that will be used later for any certification that may be required from us. We require that every form be attested to be true and correct in order to avoid fraud. 

Processing of your personal and sensitive personal information are necessary as compliance of us in our legal obligation as an accredited provider by the Supreme Court and  the duly registered educational institution by the Legal Education Board.  When you provide information about third parties, you warrant that you have obtained their consent for the purpose of processing your application and enrollment in our program.

Use of Personal Data

To use the LMS, the Foundation and School need to process personal and sensitive information. The personal data may be used to process and fulfill our contractual obligation with you and pursue its objective as an educational institution.

We may process your personal and sensitive personal information in the course of fulfilling its obligation of providing quality education and service and as required by the Supreme Court, Legal Education Board and other institution. Recording of CCTV, live stream and online session which may involve processing of personal information are necessary to protect your vital important interest, to fulfill our contractual obligation and to uphold the legitimate interest of the school as an educational institution. 

ALF do not process wholly automated decision making that may affect any of your personal information. 

Sharing, disclosure or transfer of Personal Data

As required by law, the Foundation and the School may share, disclose or transfer personal data to other persons or organizations in order to uphold the student / user’s interests and to pursue the Foundation and the School’s legitimate interests as an educational institution. We may share, disclose or transfer the student / user’s personal data to:

– Notify the Admission and records of the School

– Manage the content, access, courses and documents

– Recording of use

– Maintenance of security and features

– Administration of system

– Completion and certification of finishing the course


Storage of Personal Data

Student and user’s data are stored and transmitted securely in paper and electronic format. These personal data obtained from you are entered and stored within the School’s authorized information and communications system and will only be accessed by the Arellano Law Foundation, School and its authorized personnel.

Information obtained due to this program will not be shared with third parties, except on the following instances:

  1. As required by law;
  2. As necessary to protect the interests of Arellano Law Foundation; 
  3. With accredited service providers acting on our behalf or who are operating the learning system and who have agreed to protect the confidentiality of the data.


In every case, ALF will take reasonable step to require third parties who receive your information to uphold your data privacy.


Report of Data Breach

Any data security incident that comes to our knowledge will be recorded as required by law. We will take all necessary and reasonable steps to address such incident or breach. 

In case you need further information on how we manage the personal information or wishes to complain about a breach, please contact the designated Data Privacy Officer at email address: dpo@arellanolaw.edu.ph

Updated as of August 27, 2021, 2:40pm